Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Principal Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

The chief factors responsible for causing erectile dysfunction or ED are namely,

1. Physical factors such as diabetes, kidney disease, vascular disease, neurological disease and prostate cancer

2. Psychological factors, namely, guilt, anxiety, stress, low self esteem and depression3.

3. Lifestyle factors such as sedentary lifestyle, abuse of recreational drugs, smoking, alcohol intake etc.

These are the chief causes of erectile dysfunction and men mostly fall prey to erectile dysfunction on account of one or the other of these factors.


  1. Causes of ED may be grouped into those factors that arise within the individual and those factors arising from sources outside the body. Endogenous factors include endocrine imbalances, cardiovascular and other medical conditions, and emotional causes. Included among exogenous factors are medications, surgery, trauma and irradiation, smoking, and alcohol and substance abuse.

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