Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect The Lives Of Men?

1. Erectile dysfunction unleashes disaster in the lives of men in manifold ways. As soon as a man becomes a victim of erectile dysfunction, he fails to trigger off erections essential for satisfactory sexual intercourse and this inability to facilitate erections lead to lowered self esteem in the affected person. However, a feeling of hopelessness also accompanies this lower self esteem and this further activates a sense of total sexual insecurity in the mind of the victim.

The disastrous effects of erectile dysfunction just don’t end with sexual insecurity arising in the mind of the victim as sexual insecurity is capable of causing performance anxiety and this in turn would make the person consistently incapable of triggering off erections essential for sexual intercourse for a long period of time.

2. After falling prey to erectile dysfunction or ED, men start to lead an isolated life from their partners and family members and further sexual incapability cause their married lives to fall apart. However, a man suffering from repeated failures to facilitate erections for satisfactory sexual intercourse would necessarily avoid sex at night and this in turn would make their partners think that they are no longer sexually attractive. This kind of consistent refusals to have sex at night can result in failed relationships and marital discord.


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